Ok, we can!
Eunhae: A Summary
Donghae: Hyukjae?
Donghae: He's so handsome. I could touch his face all day.
Donghae: Hyukjae is talented too!
Donghae: He blows people away with his charisma.
Donghae: He shines brighter than the stars when he's dancing.
Donghae: And he's funny, too. Really, really funny.
Donghae: Ah, yes. Hyukjae.
Donghae: He's amazing.
Hyukjae: Donghae?
Hyukjae: He's an idiot.


4/?? It’s a Super Junior Thing (Super Junior Loves To Do II)


look how Key’s hat fall back into place ^^

On a show, Zico was talking about his three wishes. He started stuttering “Uh… Um… First one is financial revival… Second one is my family’s health… And…” The members were not paying attention and talking over him, so he glared back at them and without a second of hesitation or stuttering, Zico answered “For the members’ health to worsen.”


dont ever fuck with zico or else

…Tumblr or Dumblr or whatever.
Kim Heechul, 131026 Instagram (kimheenim)

the first meeting (▰˘◡˘▰)


Chenchen accidentally hits Duizhang in the face

heechul’s language skills